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Garden Plants and Flowers Beginning letter 'O'

This section of garden plants starting with the letter O, includes biennials, perennials, bulbs and shrubs, bedding plants, flowers.



Oenothera - Good perennial version of the Evening Primrose.



Omphalodes; Omphalogramma;

Onoclea; Ononis; Onopordum;

  • Ophiopogon - Black Grass - though frosted in the image above! Very unusual colour - needs care to ensure visibility.

Orchis; Origanum; Ornithogalum; Orontium;

Osteospermum Mauve - Cape Daisy whirlygig type.  Oenothera - Evening Primrose yellow flowers.
Osteospermum Whirlygig Type | Oenothera - the Evening Primrose.

Osmanthus; Osmunda;

  • Osteospermum - Cape Daisies are good hardy perennials for dry areas in particulcar. Perfect dry sunny bank plant.


Ostrya; Ourisia;

Oxalis In some places Oxalis is seen as a weed - but there are different types suited for the garden or rockery.

; Oxydendrum;

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