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Plants with Pink flowers - shrubs and perennials - Page 2.

Continuation of our listing of plants - shrubs and perennials - with pink flowers.

Pink is amongst the most common colours for plant flowers , and one of the most popular colours also.

Our list is not exhaustive, and if you feel that you have something to add to it, then email us from the bottom of the page.


  • Centaurea is normally associated with the blue cornflowers. But there are several pinks worth growing - C. 'Steenbergii' and C pulcherrima being two.
  • Cercis siliquastrum is a superb spring pink flowering large shrub. The foliage that follows is quite good as well.
  • Chaenomeles - The Japanese Quince has several pinks - Pink Lady being a good one.
  • Chrysanthemums, are littered with pink flowers - though not hardy of course. (Sometimes, some types)
  • Cistus Rock Roses are good summer pink flowering plants that need a dry position.
  • Clematis are abundant with pink coloured flowers - in all shades. C montana Rubens, being popular, but there are also many large flowered hybrids.
  • Colchicum autumnale - Naked Ladies if you must. A good splash of pink in Autumn.
  • Cornus - the flowering ones - have a couple of good pinks - Cornus florida Spring Song is my favourite.
  • Cyclamen Coum Hybrids and their cousin Cyclamen hederifolia are two good hardy cormous plants to consider.
  • Daphne - such sweet scent in winter - are almost exclusively pink. Daphne bholua is good.
  • Delphiniums are not only blue, but have a few superb pink flowering types as well. Delphinium Royal Flush and Delphinium Rosemary Block.
  • Deutzia - A good stalwart group of pink flowering shrubs. White also.
  • Dianthus  - the old fashioned pinks as well as some of the hardy carnations.
  • Dictamnus alba var Purpureus is PINK in spite of its name.
  • Dodecatheon is a little unusual and well worth considering for and early low growing pink perennial.
  • Echinacea purpura - Kims Knee High is a good perennial with showy pink flowers.
  • Epimediums make good ground cover - and some have pink flowers - not too showy but pink. E. Rose Queen is a good deep pink with attractive young foliage.
  • Erigeron are often mistaken for low growing Michaelmus Daisies. Erigeron 'Elstead Pink' suits.
  • Escallonia are good general purpose evergreen shrubs - many with pink flowers. E 'Apple Blossom' and E. 'Pride of Donard' being two of the best.
  • Euphorbias are normally associated with yellow colours, but Euphorbia griffithii Fireglow could be termed as pink!
  • Filipendula purpurea and F. 'Venusta' are two good perennials with pink flowers held aloft.
  • Geraniums - the hardy perennial types - excel in pinks - and with differing foliage types as well. There are many to choose from but Geranium maderense has superb foliage, is evergreen and has height - up to around 1.2m.
  • Gypsophylla elegans Rosea is a 'cloud' of pink.
  • Hebe 'Great Orme' evergreen shrub, is still one of the best of the pink hebes.
  • Hemerocallis - often shades of yellow - has a few pink flowered types. Of note is Hemerocallis 'Penelope Vestey'.
  • Hydrangeas are generally pink - even though many try to turn them blue! H. 'Hamburg' will stay pink whatever you 'feed' it with. The 'other' Hydrangeas such as Hydrangeas paniculata Grandiflorum 'Pink Diamond, didn't get its name for nothing. Though it can often start off as white.
  • Iris. You will struggle to find a good pink in the Irises (I await the indignant email) but there are some, and superb at that. Iris 'Shurton Princess' being one. Search the catalogues for the newer introductions.
  •  Kalmia latifolia is one of the best of the group. An evergreen that needs acid soil.
  • Kolkwitzia 'Pink Cloud' is one of the best of the 'beauty bushes'.
  • Lavatera 'Kew Rose' or the basic Lavatera Barnsley - very light pink if you must.
  • Leptospermum are not the easiest to grow, but will reward you with pink flowers - especially Leptospermum 'Pink Cascade'.
  •   Liatris spicata is a good pink perennial with erect stems.
  • Lychnis flos-jovis is a dense ground covering perennials with silver-ish foliage to set off the pink flowers.
  • Lythrum salicaria - that lover of damp places, will reward you with an erect growth habit and plenty of pink. Lythrum 'The Rocket' does exactly what its name suggests.
  • Magnolia for a large pink shrub to herald the spring in. M x soulangeana or its cultivar M. s. 'Rustica Rubra' are two good ones for size. M. 'Jane' and M. 'Susan' also deserve a mention. Magnolia Heaven Scent is my favourirte.
  • Malus - the flowering crabs - are good medium trees for pink flowers. M. 'Lizet' being exceptional.
  • Monarda - if you can keep the mildew at bay - are good pink perennials. M. 'Croftway Pink' being good.
  • Nerine bowdenii - The most shocking of pink late flowering bulbs. Extends the pink season.
  • Oenothera speciosa 'Rosea' is a good pink evening primrose.
  • Osteospermum will grow anywhere that is dry. There are several pinks.
  • Paeonia Sarah Bernhart is a good one - as is P. 'Shirley Temple'.
  • Papaver - The oriental type poppies are not all red. There are some good pink flowered types such as P. 'Cedric Morris'. The opium poppies - Papaver somniferum will reward you with great swathes of pink flowers over time.
  • Penstemons are such good flower value. Penstemon 'Apple Blossom' will take some beating.
  • Persicaria - look no further than Persicaria bistorta 'Superbum'.
  • Phlox drummondii down at ground level has numerous pink flowered types.
  • Prunus - the Flowering Cherries. Pink, Pink and more pink!
  • Rhododendron group offers numerous pinks. Rhododendron 'Christmas Cheer' but normally a little later always pleases.
  • Ribes - the flowering currants at the earlier part of the year, are one of the first masses of pink flowers. Ribes sanguineum 'Brockelbankii' will give you golden foliage to go with the pink flowers.
  • Roses. Hundreds - take your pick.
  • Salvias - not the bedding types! There are new pink salvias coming out each week it seems. Good for late colour.
  • Saponaria ocymoides is a gem of a low perennial. Has to be included - anywhere.
  • Schyzostylis. The Kaffir lily is not well known or planted - but should be for the late show. Pink is best demonstrated by the S. coccinea Sunrise' -a stunner.
  • Sedums really set the autumn scene. Sedum spectabilis 'Autumn Joy' is a light pink - whereas Sedum spectabile 'Brilliant' has darker and brighter pink flower.
  • Spiraea japonica shrubs have several pink forms - sometimes with contrasting foliage.
  • Tanacetum - or as was - Pyrethrums, will reward you for years with several pinks to choose from.
  • Thymus - as low as you like. The Thymes have a wide range of pink flowers. 'Doone Valley' with the added attraction of the multi-coloured foliage. T. Bressingham Pink is also good.
  • Weigela. Shrubs noted for their pink or red flowers.  Two which always please are the purple foliaged W florida 'Foliis Purpureis, and the golden variegated Weigela florida 'Nana Variegata'. Pink flowers and different foliage.
  • Daffodils - I have missed out the few pink daffodils, for I think daffodils should be yellow!

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