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Pruning Buddleja globosa - Buddleia - Orange Ball Tree

Pruning Buddleja globosa

Buddleja or Buddleia globosa is unlike its 'butterfly bush' cousins, in that it does not need to be hard pruned every spring.

It rarely need pruning - other than to constrain its size or to rectify a bit of damage.

When to Prune Buddleia globosa

Buddleia globosa flowers early summer on shoots from main stems that were made the previous year, so pruning should be carried out as soon as possible after it has finished flowering.

Buddleja globosa to be pruned after flowering in summer

Leave the pruning too late and you will not get flowers the following year. If it is grown as a screening shrub - and it is superb for this - then this particular Buddleia will not normally need pruning.

Simply cut back any flowered stems to a strong bud. This pruning can be just below the dead flower, or further back if you wish to re-shape the Buddleja

It is also a good idea to cut back one in four of the older branches to as near as ground level as possible. This will ensure a good healthy supply of new growth at lower levels - eventually to form the framework of the shrub - small tree!

If size is a real problem, don't try to move it - it will not work. Instead, cut it back hard all over. But, it will regain its original size in a year or so. It will withstand annual pruning, but again, this should be done right after flowering.

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