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Growing a Climbing Rose or Rambling Rose up a Tree 

The main problem that you will encounter if you decide to grow a Climbing Rose up through the branches of a tree, is that of feeding and watering. naturally, the tree will want first call on any available food or moisture, so you will need to take this into account.

Not such a problem as it might sound, for the soil near to the trunk of a tree is surprisingly fertile!

Growing a rose up through a tree can add a new dimension to your garden, and can go a long way towards creating all year round interest with some tree varieties.

After selecting your climbing or rambling rose - see below - the rose should be planted near to the trunk of the tree, but far enough away to be able to dig a fair sized hole without damage to the main tree roots.

 Make sure that the rose gets a good start in life, by filling the planting hole with well rotted compost, or peat based multi purpose potting compost. Also add some Osmocote granules to the compost to make sure that the climbing - rambling  - rose gets a good fee for the year as it starts its journey up through the tree branches.

White climbing rose trained up tree.You will either need to start the rose up a ling cane to the lower branches, or up through wires. Once the rose has reached the lower branches, then it will normally look after itself - with its thorns anchoring it to the tree.

Until it is well established, and certainly in the first year, the rose will need to be watered well to help it grow up to the first branches of the tree..

Type of Tree

Not all trees are suitable for this type of feature, but those which will be suitable will normally have plenty of small branches. Silver Birch, Malus and Prunus are admirable. But it is also a good way to brighten up a conifer! Take into account the overall colour of the tree bark and foliage when deciding which variety of climbing or rambling rose to use. Also bear in mind, the autumn colour and flowering time of the tree!!

Suitable Varieties of Climbing and Rambling Roses

The vigorous varieties are best, and will include ramblers such as Albertine and Alberic Barbier. The climbers will give you more choice, and Climbing Iceberg, Paul's Scarlet, and Golden Showers will all do well.

An added dimension to the 'Rose up a Tree' would be to ad a Clematis - or two. Now we are really talking about a feature!


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