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How to Plant a Standard Rose - Planting Standards

There are a few minor details that are still, very important to ensure the long life of your Standard Rose Tree.

For the most part, you can follow the procedure of how to plant a rose bush, but add to that, the information that is set out below to ensure that when you plant your standard rose, you are not eventually going to be trying to keep it upright - or worse still, having to replace the stake that you 'skimped' on!

Two things are especially important when planting your Standard Rose..

First, plant the standard rose no deeper than the soil¬≠mark at the base. This will show you at when depth the standard rose has been grown for a few years in the nursery. Unlike our suggestions with planting a normal rose bush, the rose stem should be planted no deeper than it has already been grown. In the case of a Standard Rose,  In the case of a standard rose, if you plant it too deep, then you will end up with suckers from the base of the rose. To be avoided at all costs!

 Second, drive in the supporting stake before planting: If you do it after planting you may damage the roots. This again will encourage suckers to sprout out. The top of the stake should just reach into the head of the standard to give it support. When the rose is planted attach the stem to the stake with special rose ties. Leave them quite loose for a week or two to allow the rose to settle down in the soil. When tightening them up later, remember to leave room for stem growth.

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