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Deutzia Shrub, Slender Deutzia, Cherry Blossom Bush

The biggest problem about Deutzias for me, is trying to recommend which of this group of flowering shrubs is the best! Deutzia Bushes, Slender Deutzia, or the Cherry Blossom Bush (my favourite common name) is one of those shrubs which can be fully recommend for more or less any garden for a wide range of uses. I like Deutzia!

Deutzia is from the higher families of Hydrangeaceae or Saxifragaceae. The flowers are certainly similar to those of the saxifrage group.

The common name of Slender Deutzia – obviously derived from the slender upright but later arching stems of the Deutzia gracilis (A guess!).

Depending upon variety, the size can range from a very manageable height and spread of 60cm – 1.8m.

Deutzia shrubs originate from East Asia through to the Himalayas, where the property of being hardy is essential to survival. Not only is the Deutzia family of flowering shrubs hardy, but also trouble-free insofar as gardeners are concerned. No pests or diseases worthy of mention.

All of the Deutzias in general cultivation are deciduous medium shrubs with masses of fragrant star-like flowers ranging from pure white through deep pink – some varieties have bi-color flowers. The flowers – which start in late spring – last well into early or mid-summer.

Thereafter it is just a green mound of foliage until leaf fall. Autumn colour of Deutzia is not a selling point. The leaves just fade and drop! The writers who describe Deutzia as being good for fall colour are being rather fanciful.  Deutzia ‘Nikko’ is the exception – having scarlet foliage at leaf fall!

Deutzia gracilis spray of pure white flowersWhere to Grow Deutzia

Deutzia plants are happy in full sun, though in hottest areas, dappled shade might be a better option. It is naturally found in scrub and semi woodland areas, which gives a clue to the fact that it is not too worried about soil type – even quite heavy clay. Free draining but moist soils are its preference in the normal habitat, but as most garden soils are reasonably well cultivated it is adaptable to whatever we have ourselves inherited – mildly acid to low alkaline.

There are several varieties and cultivars to choose from; all are suited to a suitable spot in a shrub or mixed border. Some Deutzias – especially the taller growing Deutzia gracilis – are good as specimens.

Container Planting Deutzia

Deutzias are good for containers – especially the type of container where you can perhaps move it to a less conspicuous position through the uninteresting late summer and winter months. But, a mature specimen in container placed where it will benefit from any late autumn or winter sun, will be attractive because of the flaking bark.

How to Care for Deutzia

  • In dry periods it will appreciate watering – especially if grown in containers. Other than that – it is relatively maintenance free. Plant and enjoy.
  • The main maintenance operation, is to prune Deutzias after flowering. Right after flowering!

List of Popular Deutzia shrubs or plants.

  • Deutzia gracilis – Pure white flowers; Upright but arching flowers; 1m+      
  • Deutzia gracilis ‘Nikko’; Deutzia crenata var. nakaiana ‘Nikko’; The Nikko Deutzia: One of the favourites on account of its name! White flowers; compact and dwarf; Good atop a rockery; 60cm with 1.2m spread
  • Deutzia gracilis ‘Duncan’.  Also known as ‘Chardonnay Pearls’. White flowers in tight buds – hence name ‘pearls’; Compact growth to 1m max.
  • Slender Deutzia – Best describes the Deutzia gracilis     
  • Deutzia scabra - White flowers; upright growth to 1.5m – similar spread over time; Attractive peeling, flaky bark for winter feature;
  • Cherry Blossom Deutzia – Most of the Deutzias would respond to this common name – especially the pink flowered types. 
  • Dwarf Deutzia – Deutzia Nikko best dwarf white, with smallest pink being Deutzia x rosea.
  • Deutzia ‘Magician’ -  Deutzia ‘Magicien’ ; Upright with white flowers inside, but pink stripes outside. Very attractive; medium growth to 1.5m.
  • Deutzia compacta; fragrant white flowers with the ‘compacta’ referring to its growth habit not height! – Happy to grow to 2m high.
  • Deutzia x elegantissima ‘Rosealind’  AGM– Dense, upright to 1.5m height and spread. Pink, scented; clusters of small star-like flowers; scented;
  • Deutzia longifolia ‘Veitchii - AGM; Deep lilac pink flowers in profusion on compact but vigorous grower to 2m.
  • Deutzia x magnifica ‘Staphyleoides – Upright but arching under weight of scented white star flower clusters. Vigorous to 2.4m
  • Deutzia x rosea – White, tinged rich pink flowers on bushy shrub; 1m+
  • Deutzia ‘Mont Rose’ - upright with light pink flowers; bushy habit to 1.2m height and spread.


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