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Garden Shrubs Beginning with D - a-z Letter listing

Daboecia; Daphne; Deutzia; Decaisnea; Darwinia; Dendromecon; Desfontainia; Dracaena:

Daphnes are the favourites in this group of shrub listings. Midwinter fragrance that would cost a fortune if out of a small bottle!

Daboecia - Heather: - One of the 'Heathers' family of dwarf shrubs, the Doboecias are mainly spring - summer flowering, with a more defined flower. The small bells hand pendantly and less grouped than the Ericas.

Dais: - Non hardy evergreen, with pink flowers.

Olearia - Daisy BushDaisy Bush - Olearia: -  See Olearia

daphneDaphne: - Invaluable winter flowering shrubs with sweetly scented flowers. Many evergreen and deciduous type to choose from.

Darwinia: - Showy relative of the Heathers, evergreen and densely flowered. frost tender.

Davidia – Handkerchief Tree – Dove tree: - More of a small tree (getting larger), yet often planted with shrubs. Handkerchief like bracts hang ghost-like from the branches.

Decaisnea: - The purple bean-like fruits are the main attraction of this largish shrub. Fully hardy

Dendromecon – Tree Poppy: -   Not red poppy flower as you would expect from its common name, but yello. Nonetheless striking. Said to be frost hardy, but ought to have protected position.

Desfontainia: - Foliage akin to small holly leaves, with bright orange tubular flowers. Frost hardy, but prefers a sheltered position. Well worth growing.

Desmodium: -  The flowers are pea-like and normally pink or violet. Attractive foliage and quite hardy.

  • DeutziaDeutzia: - Very floriferous group of deciduous shrubs, which do well in full sun or dappled shade. range of sizes from low spreading through to tall erect.

Diervilla -  Bush Honeysuckle: - Thicket forming shrub with yellow flowers. Spreads with sucker growth.

Dipelta: -  Fully hardy, peeling bark, attractive foliage and arching habit showing off the white splashed-orange flowers.

Disanthus: - Heart shaped leaves - not unlike the Cercis - turning a bright array of colors in the fall/autumn. Fully hardy.

Dombeya: -  Non hardy, suited for warmer climates. Showy flowers - white, red, pink or yellow - depending upon your choice of shrub.

DracaenaDracaena – Dragon Tree: - Frost tender and suited to tropical climes. Lance-shaped foliage with many variations as to variegation and colour.

Drimys – Tasmannia: - Said to be hardy (!). An interesting group of evergreen shrubs with aromatic leaves and umbels of white flowers - normally fragrant.

Dutchman’s Pipe - Aristolchia: - See Aristolchia

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