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Hamamelis x intermedia 'Sunburst' Bright Yellow Flowers - Witch Hazel

Hamamelis 'Sunburst' is accurately named, with flower that are absolutely dazzling in the midst of winter. large flowers - light golden yellow and profuse. The only thing negative to mention is that it seems not to have the scent of some other yellow Witch Hazels, but how often are you going to wander out on a cold winter day to get a whiff anyway!

Be satisfied with viewing this splendid plant from afar.

H. x intermedia 'Sunburst' has a narrower habit of growth than most Witch Hazels, but it should still be  classed as a spreading, though upright growing shrub.

  The final height - slowing as the years pass, will be in the region of 10-12 feet - 3m plus. This height will not happen overnight, for the Hamamelis are noted for slow growth rates.

Hamemelis x intermedia 'Sunburst'All the Hamamelis can be grown as specimens, in shrub borders or as backdrop for large herbaceous border. Sunburst, being slightly narrower growing than most, is an ideal candidate for the naturalising of spring bulbs underneath - crocus, mini daffodils or Anemone blanda spring to mind.

 Low growing Rhododendrons will also suit, as will perennials such as Pulmonaria, or any others that are partial to a bit of dappled shade.

Problems are non existent, and pruning should be kept to bare minimum - if at all.

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