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Garden Shrubs Beginning with A - a-z Letter listing

Abelia; Abutilon; Acer; Actinidia; Akebia; Amelanchier; Ampelopsis; Arbutus; Azalea; Aucuba; Azara;

 A for Acers. Probably one of the most popular groups of shrubs. This one in the image being Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum'. The 'fly' added a bit of interest!

Abelia Image
A group of mainly evergreen flowering shrubs with long flowering periods.

Abelia x grandiflora | Abelia x grandiflora 'Francis Mason' | Abelia x grandiflora 'kaleidoscope'. 

Abeliophyllum - White Forsythia -
Deciduous shrub with flower resembling a 'white forsythia' - hence its nickname.

Abutilon image
Abutilon: Foliage not unlike the maple types of leaves. Normally pendant bell/trumpet flowers. Some are frost hardy - others tender.

Acacia filififolium - Golden WattleAcacia - Wattle:  Generally large shrubs, with spectacular plumes of mostly yellow flowers. Some are hardy once established - but a sheltered spot is always best.

Acalypha: Evergreen shrubs with attractive foliage and flowers. being from tropical areas, they are frost tender. Colder countries can grow them under glass.

Acer foliage imageAcer - Maple - Japanese Maple:  A huge and deservedly popular range of foliage shrubs - deciduous habit makes for the main attraction of good autumn - fall color. generally this group of shrubs are fully hardy - though some can suffer from wind scorch.

Acradenia: Evergreen flowering shrubs with the added attraction of aromatic foliage. Fully hardy though rarely cultivated.

Actinidia: A group of shrubby climbers which include some good foliage varieties - as well as the well known fruiting - Kiwi Fruit! Generally hardy

Aesculus:  Better known as Horse Chestnut trees, some are also useful medium to largish shrubs.

Agapetes: You will need to live in the warmer climates of Asia to grow this group of shrubs in natural habitat - elsewhere, under glass.

Ailanthus - Tree of Heaven

Akebia FruitAkebia - Chocolate Vine: Fully hardy semi evergreen or deciduous twining climbing plant.

Albizia julabrassin foliage imageAlbizia - Silk Tree: The foliage is attractive on this group of shrubs - but the flowers excel. Not always hardy - so sheltered spot is best.

Allamanda: A gorgeous flowering shrub for frost free areas - tropical even! My favourite is A. carthatica - The Golden Trumpet, which is abundant where I now live - Thailand.

Amelanchier flowersAmelanchier - June Berry – Snowy Mesphilus: One of the best shrubs for a shaded or dark corner. the cream white flowers will soon brighten it up in spring. However, for best autumn foliage - which is spectacular - then a sunny position is better. Pruning Amelanchier

Ampelopsis: Sometimes wrongly called the Virginia Crepper, which it is NOT! Nevertheless, it has attractive fall - autumn foliage colour.

Andromeda - Bog Rosemary:  A couple of hardy acid-soil loving shrubs. If you have such soil and are stuck for ideas, then this may be worth growing!

Angels' trumpet - Brugmansia. Description of Brugmansia here.

Aralia: Always vigorous and sure to attract attention. The deciduous types normally have good fall autumn colour. Some very good leaf variations.

Arbutus - The Strawberry Tree: You should not eat the fruits. They simply look a bit like strawberries. The older they get, the hardier they become. Not always so in youth! Evergreen for good loamy soil.

Arctostaphylos: Mainly evergreen and usually hardy. Not the most spectacular, though the prostrate types are good in a rock garden.

Aridisa - Coral BerryArdisia - Coral berry. A useful group of evergreen shrubs. Often grown as an indoor plant Foliage, flowers and then berries are all an attraction with virtually all of the Ardisia group of shrubs. Some are frost hardy, others can only be grown under glass in the colder countries.

Aristolochia - The Dutchman's Pipe:  - An interesting group of either evergreen or deciduous climbing shrubs with flowers that give it its common name. The heart shaped leaves are of interest - but not as much as the flowers!

Aronia: - Deciduous shrubs - suckering - with white flowers, oft-times pink flushed.  Fully hardy, and deserves to be grown more. The suckering habit could be a problem.

Artemesia: - Evergreen, silver or grey foliage which is attractive. The flowers not so attractive, but the foliage lasts! Generally low growing and suited to front of borders or edges of tubs.

Arundinaria:  - See under Bamboos.

Azalea ImageAzalea - Rhododendron. The Azalea group of Rhododendrons, have stunning flowers and are generally more compact than their larger cousins. Some are evergreen - others not. Equally showy, with the deciduous types having the advantage of good autumn colour normally - also superb scent with some.

Aucuba ImageAucuba japonica:  This is a very useful group of evergreens, bought into disrepute by public park planting in the most dire of places! The fact that it will thrive in neglected situations may have some bearing on its general unpopularity. For me, I would have a place for one in any garden I own or design. There are varieties with striking foliage.
Aucuba japonica lists of plants

Azara petiolarisAzara: - Gorgeous scent on these yellow-flowered evergreen shrubs. Normally hardy - especially as they mature, they are still best planted in a sheltered spot.


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