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Garden Shrubs Beginning with G - a-z Letter listing

Gardenia; Garrya; Gaultheria; Genista; Gleditsia; Grevillea; Griselinia:


The Grevilleas are a strange group of flowering shrubs. All the more reason to try to grow one!


Gardenia: -  For most, the growing of a Gardenia means and indoor experience. For those in warmer climates, they are a superb range of evergreen shrubs with heady scented flowers.

Garrya eliptica imageGarrya elliptica main information page.
Garrya – Silk Tassel Bush:- An unusual evergreen shrub for planting against a wall for protection. The grey/green tassels are superb in the midst of winter.


Gaultheria imageGaultheria: - Mainly low growing - or even ground hugging evergreen shrubs, which are grown for their berries and ground covering nature. A welcome splash of winter colour - especially if you have acid or neutral soil.

Genista LydiaGenista – Broom: - Generally hardy group of shrubs with yellow flowers - some deeply scented.


Gleditsia triacanthos Sunburst imageGleditsia: - Eventually a tree, some varieties can have a useful function in a large shrub border or bed. Foliage is the attraction. Flowers can be ignored - unless you really want to try to find them!

Ulex Europa flore pleneGorse - Ulex: -  See Ulex

Grevillea johnsoniiGrevillea: -  Unusual flowers which will always be a talking point on this interesting group of shrubs. Not always hardy, so choose your spot well.


Griselina VariegatumGriselina: -  The variegated foliage on some varieties are an attraction, but so are the light green leaves on the non-variegated types. Good for seaside planting, and more hardy with age in inland areas.

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