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Garden Shrubs Beginning with I - a-z Letter listing

Itea; Ilex; Indigofera; Isopogon; Ixora:

Itea ilicifolia. Not as widely grown as it could be, this evergreen shrub has many uses - especially in a sheltered place.

Ilex golden with berriesIlex – Holly: -  Normally a small tree, rather than shrub. the hollies also have a few dwarf types that truly make them shrubs. The larger Holly Bushes are invaluable for their foliage and berries. they also make a good clipped hedge.

IndigofferaIndigofera: - Interesting shrub group with pea0like flowers and varied foliage. Can be grown as stand alone shrubs - or trained against trellis or wall.

Isopogon – Cone Brush – Drumsticks: -  Typical Australian shrub, with attractive - if slightly inusual - flowers. Tender - or can be grown under glass.

IteaItea: -  Evergreen foliage with pendulous flowers. The specimen in the picture was grown over an arch - very effectively. The evergreen foliage can suffer a little in hard frosts.

Ixora - Evergreen with orange flowersIxora: -  An evergreen group of shrubs for more tropical places, where they are often grown as hedges - full of flower for most of the time and responding to being clipped regularly. Colder countries will have to provide glasshouse protection.

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