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Garden Shrubs Beginning with J - a-z Letter listing

The jasmines are normally grown for their flowers, but this golden foliage type shows that there are other attractions.

Jasminum; Justica:

Jasminum nudiflorum - Winter JasmineJasmine nudiflorum - the Winter Flowering Jasmine
Jasminum – Jasmine: -
Winter and summer flowering Jasmines are available. very different to each other. The yellow flowers of the Winter Flowering Jasmine are seen in the image.

Acer foliageJapanese Maple – Acer: -  See Acer palmatum

Amalanchier - flowersJuneberry - Amelanchier - See Amelanchier

justica - once beleperone - The Shrimp Plant flowersJusticia – Beloperone – Shrimp Plant: -  Justica - or even now - better known as Beleperone the Shrimp Plant - is a useful group of evergreen shrubs for warmer countries. As tender shrubs, they are well known as house plants in many parts of the world where they cannot be groiwn outside.

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