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Garden Shrubs Beginning with R - a-z Letter listing

Rhamnus; Rhododendron; Rhus; Ribes; Rosa; Rosemarinus; Rubus; Ruta:



As Roses are dealt with elsewhere on the website, the Rhododendrons must rank as one of the most popular groups of shrubs starting with letter R.
Wide range of flowers and sizes, make these evergreen shrubs deservedly popular - if you have acid soil!

Cercis siliquastrum - Judas Tree - Red BudRedbud Tree - Cercis: -  See Cercis

Photinia Red Robin Evergreen ShrubRed Robin – Photinia - Stranvaesia: -  See Photinia

Reinwardtia: -  Evergreen shrub for the tropical countries. Rich golden yellow flowers over grey green leaves. Colder couintries can grow this shrub under glass.

Rhamnus: - Flower arrangers delight. Evergreen foliage - sometimes variegated - Insignificant flowers, though scented. Hardy in most areas.

Rhaphiolepsis: -  Evergreen with white apple-blossom flowers. Very fragrant. Only for tropical countries as they are not hardy. Can be grown under glass.

RhododendronRhododendron – Azalea: - Wide range of evergreen shrubs - often grown as collections to the exclusion of other shrubs. Stunning flowers for short period of time and mainly laurel-like foliage. However, there are several that are worth growing just for their foliage. Colours of flowers are mainly pinks, reds, violets and blues. However, there are orange and yellow types. All need an acid soil except for a new range - grafted on a specific rootstock - that are happy in lime.

Rhus - Sumach - Autumn colour shrubRhus – Sumach: -  Loved or hated, it cannot be ignored for the spectacular autumn colours. Unusual cone-like flowers on some. Deciduous and generally hardy.

  • Ribes - Flowering Currant - Spring flowering shrubRibes – Flowering Currant: - Bright colours in the spring on this early flowering, easy to grow shrub. Most types respond well to being cut back after flowering. The reds have a 'smell' that is not always appreciated, whilst there is a very sweetly fragrant type also.

Robinia Frisia - Small tree - Large ShrubRobinia – False Acacia: - 'Frisia' - Mistakenly grown - and often sold - as a shrub. Not so. It will eventually be a tree of 10 metres or so. Suckering is also a problem. However if you have room, then it is good for shelter in a large shrub border. Frisia is the type normally grown for the golden foliage. There are other Robinias - not so well known - that will suit shrub border better.

  • RosaRosa – Rose: : -  See separate section for Roses
  • HypericumRose of Sharon – Hypericum: -  see Hypericum
  • Rosemarinus - Trailing shrubRosemarinus – Rosemary: -  Also classed as herbs - where the main page is - Rosemary shrubs are useful additions to the shrub border or bed. they generally thrive in dry conditions, and are low growing - spreading even - for ground cover. Not always hardy - especially if grown in damp situations. Aromatic foliage and blue - sometimes white flowers.
  • Rosmarinus prostrata - lavanduloides - Low growing Rosemary
  • Rubus - White stemmed shrubRubus - Blackberry: - Some good flowers to be had in this group - white - but also good stem colour for the winter - white. There is also golden foliage to be had - as well as the white stems on one named R. Golden vale. Rubus cockburnianus - for white stems in winter

Ruscus: - Evergreen shrubs with unusual foliage! Flowers insignificant, but sometimes followed by bright red fruits.

Perovskia - Russian Sage Blue flowered shrubRussian Sage - Perovskia: - See Perovskia

Ruta – Rue: -  Ruta graveolens is the only one that can really claim to be a shrub - and then with difficulty! However, silvery foliage is attractive, and helps the lime green/yellow flowers to stand out a little. Pungent - rather than aromatic - foliage.

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