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Rosmarinus officinalis 'Prostratus' - Spreading rosemary

Look at this for January - after a frosty morning! This one - Rosemainus Prostratus - has hardly been without a flower during the last year.  This particular Rosemary is supposed to be 'on the edge' of hardiness, but I have grown it in several different situations for the last 15 years or so, and have not lost one yet.

I put the success of this particular specimen, down to the fact that it is planted it in a wall pocket. It is kept dry, and is in full 'light'. (I was going to say sunshine, but after the last year though, perhaps not!) .

Being a prostrate variety, this Rosemary is particularly good for planting in walls or rockeries; also the front of borders.

Trailing Rosemary with blue flowers(Rosmarinus Lavenduloides) - January 17th - Spreading evergreen shrub.

With the richly aromatic foliage, it deserves to be planted where it can be 'brushed against'.  It is also well suited to container or window box planting - but be on the lookout for vine weevil beetle.

This rosemary responds well to annual clipping to keep the foliage dense, and ensure masses of flowers along the prostrate stems.

I've just thought of something! This has to be great in a winter hanging basket. It will probably need to be planted up earlier in the year and allowed to settle in. I'll give it a go this year, and you can see how it does next winter.

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