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Mahonia 'Lionel Fortescue' - mahonia x media type 

Yellow Flowers; evergreen foliage; fragrant; winter flowering shrub.

Mahonia Lionel Fortescue - winter blooming evergreen shrub with yellow flowers.

In the depth of winter when little else to cheer, the foliage, bright weather resistant flowers and the fragrance of the Lionel Fortescue Mahonia,wafting through the damp air is enough to include where the is space.

Valuable flowering evergreen, which has striking - if unkindly - spiny pinnate foliage. The yellow racemes of flowers can reach 45cm long from late October onwards,  on this Oregon Grape Mahonia media. Sun or shade, any soil, and will tolerate dry conditions. Height 2m with similar spread.

Sweet scented winter flowers of Mahonia x media Lionel FortescueThe foliage on this variety is superior to that of the more popular Mahonia x media Charity. Together with that, Mahonia x media Lionel Fortescue tends to flower just a little earlier than 'Charity' - given the same position. Added to its other virtues, it is tolerant of most soil conditions.

Mahonia media Lionel Fortescue can be pruned back hard if it outgrows its position. This is best done in early spring.

Pruning Mahonias

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