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Growing Aubergines. Is it possible to grow outdoors  UK? 

Fresh Aubergines, showing characteristic markings in Flesh. These marks are normal and not a sign of age etc.

The southern regions are probably best suited for growing Aubergines, but Aubergines are being increasingly grown well 'up North' as the climatic changes dance around the country!

Aubergines need light, sunshine and a long growing season to be fully successful in the UK.

Main points to success with growing Aubergines

  • The Aubergine plants will benefit from cloche or mini greenhouse protection. This is certainly the case in early stages of growth.

  • Grow your Aubergines in a sheltered sunny position - against fence or wall is good.

Sowing and cropping Aubergines

  • Aubergines showing typical mottling which is normalStart them from seed early - in a heated propagator or elsewhere indoors. Late February to early March. Consider buying young plants of Aubergines if not, in April/May from the garden centre nursery.

    • Sow seed in February March in gentle heat under cover. Plant out if in warm area during early summer.
      Harvesting July through September.
      Sowing to cropping time – 16 weeks fro early sown seed otherwise 18 weeks or more.

  • Harden them off well before planting out after all frosts are finished.

  • Pinch out the top of the plants once they have got to 15in tall. This will turn them into bushy plants.

  • Feed your Aubergine plants well with Tomato Fertiliser throughout the growing season - but not after end of August.

  • Look out for greenfly and Whiteflies.

  • Look up some Aubergine recipes - they are more versatile than realised!

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