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General Apple Tree Problems. How to deal. 

There are many small problems with apple trees that can easily be dealt with or even ignored!

Below, we list the problems that are normally associated with apple trees. You will be very unfortunate if you get too many of these, for growing apple trees is relatively easy and trouble free. Apple trees often get overlooked until near to harvest time. To keep your trees free of problems, a routing thorough weekly inspection should be carried out.

If you have a few spots on a few - or even all - leaves, then don't panic. You may never get to the bottom of it - but the tree will normally live on!

If you have a problem that is not dealt with in these pages, then yes! We would like to hear from you. You can mail us here.

Common Problems with Apple Trees.

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Hopefully this list will point you in the right direction to identify your problem. Bear in mind that apple trees are BIG plants, so feeds and spray or whatever else required are a little more difficult in application, or slower acting than they would be with a  smaller plant such as a perennial in the border.

Many of the problems mentioned are inconvenient rather than life-threatening - unless you allow them to get out of hand. Then they become big problems!

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