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Growing Apples - Apple Tree care - How to Grow. 

The great thing about growing apples - other than the taste of real fresh fruit - is the fact that they are so easy to grow and care for. Totally different to what most non fruit growers think! True, they get their fair share of pests and diseases. But, most infestations are quite insignificant, and you will still get loads of fresh apples to eat!

If you have never tasted a fresh apple - picked from the tree, then you have missed out! You will certainly taste and 'feel' the difference between a real fresh apple and the supermarket 'fresh' apple!

There are no 'secrets' about growing Apple Trees. Apple Tree Care  is all pretty basic stuff -similar to growing any other plants. The main difference maybe, is that apples grow on trees!

Years ago, most apples were grown on rootstocks that produced large trees, together with which, most of the trees you see in orchards are perhaps larger than you have room for in your own garden. Fortunately, things have moved on.

The favourite UK apple - Cox's Orange Pippin.Keep reading, it gets better.

Cox's Orange Pippin. A well known Eating Apple, and a favourite in the UK.

n now and apple trees can be grown almost to any size that suits your garden - even in a patio pot.

This is mainly due to the research and development work that was done in Kent - at East Malling Horticultural Research Station.

Thanks to the work done at East Malling, apples can be grown to any size to suit your garden, and even any type of soil you have. The answer is in the rootstocks that were developed at East Malling. All apples are grafted onto a rootstock, and the type of rootstock will determine the eventual size of the apple tree. Some rootstocks will make dwarf trees, others large trees. Some even for a particular type of soil, or even disease prevention.

Don't worry, you do not have to know the names of the rootstock if you buy from a good nursery or garden centre. They, or the label, will tell you if the tree is a dwarf or even a miniature for a patio pot. If you really want to know more about rootstocks - click the link over on the left!

An apple tree in full fruit, in the autumn sunshine, is a great sight. But, apples also have gorgeous blooms in the spring - even if short lived - and a good autumn colour!

Where to grow Apple Trees.

The thing is, that you can grow an apple tree in almost any situation. The main criteria is that it should be a sunny, not-too-exposed situation where there are no frost pockets to harm the flowers with a late spring frost.

They can be grown in pots, against a wall or fence or any suitable small space. Or, if you have the space, an orchard! Whaw!

The great 'put-off' for would-be growers, is the aspect of pruning apple trees (EASY!) and the fact that they sometimes need 'pollinators'! Ughh! But again, not the problem that it might seem. We will explain.

Storage of Apples.

If you grow them well, apples can be stored for months (providing you choose the right varieties) and will still taste better than their shop-bought apples that have often been transported miles and had the flavour-sapping process of cold storage. And, of course, you will not need to use preserving chemicals to store your apples in pristine condition.

And of course, our pages about Apple Tree care are here at your disposal. We will show you how to grow apple trees, that will be the envy of your neighbours. But be fair, let them know just how easy it actually is!

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