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Introducing New Plants to your Pond. 

Assuming that all is well with your pond venture, then aquatic plants - pond plants - of many kinds can be added - either as self interest, or as part of the overall well-being of your well stocked pond.

A pond certainly comes to life with the addition of plants, and all but the smallest of pods should have as wide a range as possible. Plants will add interest, make for a more 'professional' job and of course create a good bio-balance within your pond.

Pond Plants are not a mystery, but do tend to suffer from the use of botanical names in most articles and catalogues! we will try to make your choice as simple as possible by using common names as well as botanical names.

Well planted pond area
A well planted pond area. Plants in and around the pond, blend together in perfect harmony.

It is best to move or introduce aquatic plants into your pond during the growing season - from early spring through to mid summer. They stand a better chance of settling in during this period. Pond Plants should not be purchased or moved during the dormant season. It is best not to transplant or move pond plants after late summer, for they will need time to get established before the winter months. This is particularly true of marginal plants and bog plants.

The importance of having plants in your pond cannot be over-stressed. They will do much to remove impurities from the pond water - in particular ammonium nitrates. The basis of a healthy clear pond, is adequate planting in and around the pond.

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