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Care of Established Pond Plants. 

Aquatic pond plants will need regular maintenance for them to remain healthy and give years of satisfaction. And of course, the health of your fish will depend to a large extent upon the health of your pond plants and the general pond environment.

Spring is an important time for general pond maintenance, and in particular for the care of your garden pond aquatic plants. The plants around the pond, in the bog garden for instance, will also require a little attention at this time of year.

As with garden plants, spring care of pond plants should take place after all frost and other inclement weather conditions have subsided. The roots of marginals and bog plants in particular, will not be too happy if exposed to harsh frost or other freezing conditions.

The pond plants themselves will give you a good indication that it it time to do something with their new growth starting. Be aware that even plants can be fooled by nature, and will suffer severe setback if divided etc before all bad weather has finished.

Spring is a good time for dividing many of the garden pond plants - either to make new ones, or to discard the older 'centre' of the plant in favour of the younger growth at the edges.

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