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Most Pond Plants are easy to propagate - normally by cuttings, but also by offsets and division.

Taking cuttings is the normal method of propagating deep water plants and marginals, but those with the thicker more fleshy root systems are best propagated by simple division. Floating plants can normally be divided or simply take off the offsets or side shoots.

Taking cuttings of aquatic plants is basically no different to ordinary plants - BUT - you have the added advantage of not worrying too much about keeping the cutting moist!

Taking Cuttings of Pond Plants.

  • Cuttings are best taken in spring or early summer, using shoots which are about 4-6in long. Shoots that are not flowering are always best, and the cut should be made just below a node or leaf joint. Basically the same method as taking softwood cuttings of shrubs.
  • The cuttings can either be placed singly in a pot or bundled together with string - not too tight - in a bunch of approx 8 cuttings - dependent upon size.
  • Pond Planting baskets are best used - filled with potting compost - loam based not peat based. Fill the container to the top, and then insert the cuttings to half their depth. Put the basket in a tray of water to keep it moist at all times, and place in a sheltered, shaded place. They normally take around 2-3 weeks to root, when they can be planted permanently in containers and placed in the garden pond.

Division of Pond Plants

  • Take the selected plant out of the pond - complete in its container, and tip it out on a suitable surface. Bog plants cas simply be lifted out with a fork - making sure that you do not rupture any liner below!
  • Wash the clumps of all soil so that you can actually see the structure of the plant root system. Discard any damaged or decaying roots.
  • Divide the plant by gently easing apart. You may have to cut through portions of root to enable this. The younger, shoots are normally at the edges, and these are the divided sections that you should keep, and replant as new plants. Discard the older central part of the plant. Do not allow the sections to dry out, and replant as soon as practicable.

Offsets and Side-shoots

  • Floating aquatic plants are most easily propagated by simply taking off the offsets and letting them float! They will soon make their own root system and turn into new plants.

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