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Achillea Terracotta - Yarrow  - Milfoil

Long flowering perennial for sun or part shade. One of the best of the now-fashionable Achilleas. It is easy to see where the name of Achillea millefolium Terracottacame from!!

The common name of Yarrow or Milfoil - has herbal connections, and the family of Achillea are well used in Herbal medicine practice.

Here, we talk of the undoubted flower attraction of the Achillea millefolium Terracotta. There are a wide range of Achillea millefolium types with many pastel shades.

Terracotta is bright enough not to be classed as pastel - though it is sometimes bundled together with other of this seedling range.

Growing Conditions

Achillea Terracotta - Bright orrange flowered perennialThis group of Achilleas are undoubtedly better growing in full sun with space around to spread. It will tolerate a little light shade, but tends to get leggy. In contrast to many other brightly coloured flowers, the Achilleas seem to hold their flower colour better in full sun, and not become bleached out. It is clump forming and can be a bit invasive.

Achillea millefolium types are all winter hardy - as well as being able to put up with near drought conditions in the summer months.

A well drained soil is best, but not too dry. If so then water as required - preferably not drowning the flower heads. Achillea Terracotta grows to aprox 20in (45cm) with a larger spread.

Remove the faded flowers to prolong the flowering period. Do this by cutting the flowered stem back a little to encourage more new growth. The new growth is normally attractive silvery green.

Terracotta is best grown in herbaceous perennial borders - or as spot plants in informal summer bedding groups.

Propagation of Achillea

Achillea are easily propagated from seed sown in spring or autumn for better results. They are best sown in their flowering positions for they grow quite quick once started. They can also be divided in the Autumn, but every two or three years better than annually. Semi-ripe cuttings are also feasible, but care should be taken with mildew setting in.

It should be borne in mind, that prolonged contact over a period of time can cause skin irritation. This in spite of the fact that Yarrow Herb is used by herbalists for skin complaints amongst many other uses.

Problems with Achillea.

Powdery mildew is often a problem. Treat with a preventative fungicide early in the summer months.

Aphids are the main pest problem, and because of the finely cut ferny foliage, are difficult to spot until the plant is well infested. Normal insecticide sprays will work well.

The Achilleas can be used as cut flower - or hung to dry for dried flower arrangements. 

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