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Perennials starting with Letter A - A-Z Listing

The category of 'A' Perennials is the largest - as of the time of writing, but plant polarities come and go, so no doubts other categories will do all they can to catch up!

Acaena - Dense mat of low growing foliage and small flowerheads - The seedheads generally form round 'burrs' and add interest in the autumn.

Acanthus - Bear's Breeches is the common name, though I know not why? Tallish erect flower spikes on these perennials. Happy in dry sunny positions. Foliage is also of interest.

Achillea - Achillea Terra Cotta The plant breeders have gone to town on what was a mundane perennial. Now many new hybrids - especially with the Achillea millefolium types , and they all tolerate dry conditions well.

Agapanthus - Agapanthus African Lily One of the most popular of summer to late flowering perennials.

Ajuga - Ajuga Attractive, spreading perennial which is good groundcover when established. The Bugle group have varied colourful leaves.

Alchemilla - Alchemilla - A. mollis is the favourite of this group, but there are other worth growing - especially if you have lack of spreading space!

Allium - Allium Bulbs Colours of flowers ranging from white through pinks, yellows and the deepest of reds. They rarely disappoint.

Alopecurus - A few interesting types in this group of ornamental grasses, that are quite at home in the perennial or shrub borders and beds.

Anemone Anemone Bulbs Page - Rizomes or tubers, or even 'normal' roots, but we class some as bulbs. The Japanese types are invasive!

Anetheum - Dill! is what it is in our Herb Section. It should be grown as a biennial, but looks good associated with Perennials.

Angelica - Angelica Herb Page - More ornamental than herb - unless you like the candies it is used for. There is a good purple flowered member that goes well with perennials. Short-lived perennial, but can be grown as a biennial.

Asparagus - Asparagus Vegetable Page

Aspidistra Aspidistra Houseplants Page

Asplenium Asplenium Houseplants Page

Astrantia - Astrantia major is a good general herbaceous perennial that is happy in most garden situations, including woodland or damp areas. 

Aster lateriflorus -

Aubrieta - Aubrieta - sometimes called Aubrietia (wrongly) with the common name of Rock Cress which gives a clue as to its native origins.

Achinos -  member of the mint famly and good low growing rockery perennial. Full sun in typical rockery situation suits well.

Aciphylla - Unusual grassy plant from New Zealand,  with spikes of flowers that can reach 2m

Aconitum -the Aconites or Monkshoods, have flower spikes held aloft of foliage. Wide and varied group of interesting perennials.

Acorus - Often confused with Iris, and most with attractive foliage. Damp conditions are preferred.

Actaea - Large perennials with varied forms. Dry conditions tolerated

Adenophora - Similar in most respects to the wide-ranging Campanulas. Some good rockery plants in the range.

Adiantum - Maidenhair Fern group - many hardy and attractive perennials - preferring shade mostly.

Adonis  - Well cut pinnate foliage with generally yellow flowers. Varied living requirements, but all are low growing.

Aegopodium - Once I tell you the common name is Ground Elder, and is similar in many respects to that invasive weed, you will probably want to stay clear. However, confine one - the variegated form - in a pot or plant in a container in shaded area of patio, and you might even get to admire its bright foliage.

Aeonium - Not fully hardy - nor are most of the Crassula family - but well worth planting in a container if you can shelter it for the winter.

Aethionema - Stone Cress gives a clue to its habitat. Colourful group of low growing perennials that are happy in stony ground.

Agastache  - An old fashioned perennial, but with many new and useful introductions.

Alcea - The Hollyhocks of the cottage garden. A great group of short-lived perennials for the most part. Better treated as biennials if you want permanence.

Alstroemeria - The Peruvian Lilies seem to be getting hardier. A dry spot for the winter seems to be best.

Altenanthera - I spent many hours doing public display carpet bedding, and this was one of the mainstays. Not fully hardy, but can survive from year to year if moved indoors for winter.

Althaea - Sometimes the name gets confused with that of the Hollyhocks. Related, but smaller and daintier, but still suffers from the rust of its relative.

Alyssum Gold Dust  - Alyssum saxatile - is actually Aurinia saxatilis - see below - if one wants to be pedantic. However, there are several other yellow Alyssums to fill the gap!

Amberboa - Sweet Sultan, is a biennial, but worthy of inclusion in borders for its flashy flowers.

Amsonia - A neat clump forming mass of small blue flowers in early summer. Evergreen as well.

Anacyclus - Hardy in sheltered areas, and worth growing there for its creeping habit, and white daisy flowers.

Anagallis - The Pimpernel - related to Primulas. Choice of blue or pink for the perennial types.

Anaphalis - The pure white flowers go well with the silvery foliage. Spreads a little so ok as a minor groundcover consideration.

Anchusa azurea - Dark or bright blue flowers for the most part. Unlike many blues, are not 'invisible' from a distance.

Andropogon - A grass with the common name of Big Blue-stem. Describes it well!

Androsace - Small plants suited for the rockery and containers. Bright pink flowers and a few whites to chose from. Mat or clump forming.

Anemonella - Related to the Anemones and only slightly different. But, a little more subtle!

Anemonopsis - Often mistaken for the Japanese Anemone - and not without good reason. Light shade preferred.

Anisodentea - Not the hardiest, but I have seen it last a few years in Kent. Looks more like a dwarf mallow shrub.

Antennaria  - A good silver leaved low growing hardy perennial, with evergreen foliage. White ot pink flowers - dependent upon individual plant.

Anthemis - Gorgeous masses of white or cream daisy flowers on finely cut foliage. There is also a gold coloured form, but disies should be white - shouldn't they?

Anthericum - Dainty white flowers held erect on this rhizomatous perennial. Spreads a bit, but is very bearable.



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