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Garden Plants and Flowers Beginning with the letter 'F'

This section of garden plants starting with the letter F, includes biennials, perennials, bulbs and shrubs, bedding plants, flowers.

Fagus; Fallopia; Farfugium; Fargesia; Fatshedera x; Fatsia; Felicia;

  • Ferns in your garden : One of the foremost experts on hardy ferns lets us into his world. Nothing dark and dank about this. There are ferns for every situation and of course Ferns for shade areas.
  • Ferns - Hardy Garden Ferns : The top ten of hardy ferns from Ian.
  •  Festuca - Festuca glauca is one of the favorites but please explore the other ornamental grasses in this group.

  Fuchsia - Hanging Swingtime Fothergilla major - flower cluster - Winter flowers and brilliant autumn foliage display
Favourite Fuchsia Swingtime | Fothergilla major shrub


  • Forsythia - The golden bell flower hardly needs introduction. Famed for the dazzling shows of late winter early spring brigh yellow flowers. Easy to grow shrub - but get the pruning right.

Fothergilla; Francoa; Fraxinus; Freesia;  Fremontodendron;

  • Fritillaria - Fritillary flowers are the fairy flowers of the garden, but there are some majestic forms as well - none more so than the well named Fritillaria imperialis. The scent of the bulbs is not to everyone's liking, but the splendid sight of this early buld soon dispels and displeasure.
  • Fuchsia Plants - One of the favourite garden flowers for summer display and also the late flowering period of the hardy types. Hanging Fuchsias always a favourite for the hanging baskets.
  • A to Z Garden Plants

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