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Garden Plants and Flowers Beginning with the letter 'H'

This section of garden plants starting with the letter H, includes biennials, perennials, bulbs and shrubs, bedding plants, flowers.

Hacquetia; Haemanthus;

  • Hakonechloa - Ornamental grass from New Zealand - Spectacular low growing golden striped foliage.

 Halesia; Halimiocistus x; Halimium;

  • Hamamelis - The Witch Hazels are stunning group of winter flowering shrubs. Masses of flowers regardless of weather  conditions.
  • Hebe - Medium to low growing flowering evergreen shrubs. Some with variegated foliage or pure silver.
  • Hedera Dentata Aurea - Hedera Goldheart - Ivies are amongst the hardiest of the climbers - and all evergreen - many with attractive variegated foliage.

 Hellebore - White flower with pink spots hamamelis Boskoop
Helleborus orientalis | Hamamelis - Witch Hazel

Hedychium; Helenium; Helianthemum; Helianthus; Helichrysum; Heliconia;

  • Helictotrichon - Ornamental grass having arching leaves and tall flower spikes.

Heliophyla; Heliopsis;

Helonias; Heloniopsis;

  • Hemerocallis - Day Lilies - hardy perennials for sunny position - damp or dry. Large trumpet blooms.


  • Herbs - Main herb section of the site, detailing those plants grown as ornamental or medicinal herbs.


  • Heuchera - Coral Bells is in the Perennials area. Many new hybrid varieties in this group.

; Heucherella x; Hibiscus; Hippeastrum; Hippophae; Hohera; Holcus;

  • Hollyhocks - Alcea - An all time favourite cottage garden subject. Tall spikes of summer flowers.


  • Honesty - Lunaria - Good self seeding annual or perennial
  • Hordeum - Group of ornamental grasses with attractive foliage and flowers.

; Horminum; Hosta;

; Humulus;

  • Hyacinthoides - Bluebells by common name. Superb when grown in drifts but also as isolated clumps of bulbs.
  • Hyacinthus - The true Hyacinth bulb - normally grown indoors but also a good spring flowering garden bulb.
  • Hydrangea - Very showy flowering shrub for mid and late summer.

; Hylomecon; Hymenocallis;

  • Hypericum - Good shrubs for ground cover, but they have many other uses as yellow flowering shrubs.


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