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A selection of Yellow flowering shrubs and  perennials. 

For your garden planning. Many plants with yellow flowers, flower quite early in the growing season - but not all.

Yellow flowering plants are generally not known or popular for their scent - though many have slight fragrance.

We list here, most of the common yellow flowered plants and exclude some of the rather more specialised plants such as the Yellow Flowered Magnolia Yellow Fever, Yellow River, Canarybird and the like.

This list of plants with yellow flowers is set to run for a long time. If we omit your favourite - then please let us know! we will be please to add any that have genuine yellow flowers. Roses - which have their own specific section on this site - of course have hundreds of different varieties/cultivars with yellow flowers. 

Yellow Forsythia flowers are the first in Spring A good wall shrub - Fremontadendron - The californian Shrub Roses - and Rosa Canarybird with yellow flowers Red hot Pokers are not always red, but some have yellow flowers
Forsythia Lynwood | Fremontodendron californicum | Kerria japonica
|  Knifophia


Used to be Senecia Greyii or laxifolia - Now known as Brachyglottis - still the same yellow flowers though.Witch Hazels for yellow flowers in middle of winterSilver leaved Lamium with Yellow contrasting flowersLigularia yellow flowers for the bog garden
Brachyglottis | Hamamelis | Lamium | Ligularia


 The Skunk Cabbage with golden yellow bloomsThe silver foliage of the Curry Plant is ideal for the yellow flowerDay Lily with yellow flowersWallflowers - Erysimum with golden yellow flowers
Lysichiton | Helichrysum | Hemerocallis | Erysimum


 Most perennial Euphorbias have yellow flowers Alchemilla mollis - yelow flower en masse on top of lime green foliage Spring flowering hardy Alyssum saxatile Caerthamnus a yellow flowered perennial for the wildlife
Euphorbia | Alchemilla | Alyssum Gold Dust | Carthamnus


Phlomis russelianaPhlomis fruiticosaErythronium tuolumense Verbascum

Phlomis russeliana | Phlomis fruiticosa | Erythronium tuolomense | Verbascum

Other plants and shrubs with Yellow Flowers include...

  • Roses - Many hybrid Tea and Floribunda roses together with shrub roses such as Rosa Canarybird, the best of the yellow climbing roses - Rose Golden Showers. Rose Arthur bell is an old favourite - and rightly so. R Graham Thomas being one of the better shrub roses.
  • Jasminum nudiflorum has bright golden yellow flowers - and in mid winter.
  • Geum Lady Strathedon, and G reptans. G. reptans being as its name suggests - a low growing perennial with bright gold yellow flowers for a long period.
  • Potentilla Shrubby types and also some of the perennials have yellow flowers.
  • Calendula Lemon Queen - one of the better English marigolds, that re-seeds itself. A good yellow.
  • Erythronium Pagoda is a good early flowering perennial
  • Erysimum Breedon and E Moonlight are two long flowering wallflowers.
  • Euphorbia polychroma and E. charachias Lambrook Gold should also be considered.
  • Iris danfordiae for a bit of low growing early yellow. Follow these with some of the larger upright Flag Irises.
  • Alyssum 'saxatile' - for rock garden or border front in early spring
  • Eranthis 'hymalis' - Winter Aconite - is one of the earliest - or latest yellows. Depends whether flowering in December or January!
  • Inula 'hookerii' or I. 'magnifica' would find a place in any yellow plans I had. As would
  • Rudbeckia goldsturm - and others - especially the tall growing R Herbstonne.
  • Heleniums - of which there are many would be represented by the super Helenium Lemon Queen.
  • Helianthus x multiflora Soliel d' Or is a must.
  • Mahonias would finish the year off - especially Mahonia x media Lionel Fortescue
  • Primula veris - The Cowslip would find its way under a tree or in a rough grass area.
  • Rhododendron luteum - for the yellow flowers and that scent! Also some of the deciduous Azaleas, and of course Rhododendron 'Yellow Hammer'
  • Daffodils everywhere
  • Verbascum Arctic Summer - a right yellow showing up against the downy silver foliage.

That's a good start. Have fun and let us know if you have a favourite that we have missed out. This email will spur us into action.

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