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How to Prune Robinia Frisia - Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia'

How to Prune Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia

Pruning large trees is not a job for the amateur gardener - it needs a professional tree surgeon with proper insurance.

However, before the tree gets to this height it can be pruned carefully with a pole saw or long arm lopper.

It is important to bear in mind when pruning, that Robinia Frisia has very brittle stems. They are liable to snap off well before the cut is halfway through the branch.

The wood of Robinia is also quite hard, so a saw will always be better than pruning shears - other than with small branches.

Wear tough gloves - or you will be lacerated by the thorns!

When to Prune Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia

Robinia frisia as a tree. It can also be kept as a large shrub by regular cutting back hard each spring

Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia is often planted a small tree in small gardens, but soon outgrows its position - both in speed and also size. Robinia Frisia can soon get up to 6-8 metres with a spread of maybe 4-5 metres! So much for the small garden tree! Pruning may be the best option.

The Robinia Frisia below is just 12 years old!

Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia can be pruned at virtually any time of the year - though traditionally they are pruned in the dormant season. It is sometimes better to prune when they are in full leaf, for then you can see the problem areas better.

There is no set 'way' for pruning Robinia Frisia. Simply prune it to the desired shape, or perhaps take out any troublesome branches.

Once pruned, the Robinia will send out new shoots within a month or so, and these will grow rapidly, so you may find the Robinia back where it started within a few months or so.

This rapid re-growth also allows us to grow this particular tree as a pollarded specimen - or even a large shrub - to be cut back hard each spring and kept well in the confines of a small garden or as a specimen at the back of a shrub border.

Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia is a beautiful foliage tree for the larger garden, but can also be treated as above on a regular basis to find a place in a smaller garden. Pruning of Robinia Frisia can also include Pruning Back Hard - and growing your Robinia as a beautiful foliage shrub!

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