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Salad Crops - How to grow good Salads

Salad crops are good as space fillers in any garden area, as well as being grown in their own special area of the garden. Who knows, you might even get the kids interested once they see how easy and quick it is to get from seed to table.

The term 'salads' is a wide ranging term that covers any plant basically that can be eaten raw, or those varieties of plants which are used in conjunction with leafy salads. For instance, there are some varieties of potatoes which are grown specifically with salads in mind, and are normally served up cold after cooking of course.

All manner of fruits and vegetables are used in salad bowls, and it would be a brave person who tries to specify exactly what can and cannot be grown as a salad.

Lettuce of course is the mainstay - sometimes the only constituent - of a salad bowl. Your choice of what to grow will only be tempered by your own or your family's individual preferences! If you want to pick some apples to go in your salads - so be it!

We are not going to get into the argument as to whether tomatoes are vegetables, fruits or even salads. Just grow them and use them as you please. salads more than any other vegetable-based dishes are open to experimentation!

  • Chicory Witloof or Endive - Now here's something a bit different and posh! There is a strict growing regime to ensure success with this crop. No mystique - just a system
  • Lettuce All the Year Round - It really is possible  to have fresh crispy lettuce all the year round - without having to go to the local supermarket.
  • Self Blanching Celery - Much easier than having to dig those trenches! The plus side being that there is little wastage to outer leaves, and the cleaning process is simpler!
  • Growing Spinach - Not just for Popeye, and it really is good for you. Spinach is so easy to grow, and there are several types that can be grown. Perpetual Spinach lives up to its name.
  • Winter Salads. Salad crops are not just for the summer! Assorted leaf crops that can be grown for use in winter salads. Crispy foliage  - unforced, and grown naturally.
  • Stir Fry Vegetables and Salads

Swiss Chard; As well as being a good food source, there are many different colours of stems on these semi-ornamental leafy vegetables.

Leafy Endive;

Potatoes; Easy to grow a few potatoes in pots, to crop some delicious new potatoes which can be added to salads.

Cucumber; Not the easiest of vegetable to grow, but there are several outdoor ridge types that are easy.

Radish; Salad vegetables do not come any easier - or quicker than Radish.


Salad Onions;

Tomatoes; Not difficult to grow, and normally good croppers


Assorted Herbs; We have a dedicated herb section that will help you grow your own herbs. Alfalfa etc.

Dandelions: yes - Even the ones in the lawn - but you can go a stage better than that.

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