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Salads that can be harvested in Winter months.

Alfalfa. One of many sprouting seeds that can be used for Winter salads

Winter Salad Leaf Crops

Some winter salad leaf crops that will produce winter salad leaves include those already mentioned in other sections.

There are also a number of other plants that can be sown to give good crops of winter salad leaves, and they include a few favourites like......

Rocket, Chives, Winter Purslane, Mustard such as Osaka Purple and Golden Streaks, Land Cress, and red Italian Chicory. All of these can be grown outdoors to provide a regular supply of winter salad leaves.

Chinese cabbage is also a great winter salads leaf, but will have to be grown in an un-heated greenhouse or sheltered coldframe.Sprouted Alfalfa

Often overlooked for winter salad nourishment, are the sprouting seeds and beans together with alfalfa.

So, there are endless possibilities for those often missed winter salad leaves and crops. Most good seed catalogues and garden centre seed racks will have a good range of winter salad crops.

Quick Check Sowing to Cropping

  • Seed of the various salad leaf plants can be sown through the year – some indoors.
    Harvest – depending upon methods – can be every month of the year also.
    Sowing to cropping time varies with varieties, but can be as short as 3 – 4 weeks!

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