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Pruning Buddleia globosa

Pruning Buddleja globosa - Buddleia  - Orange Ball Tree. 

Buddleja or Buddleia globosa is unlike its 'butterfly bush' cousins, in that it does not need to be hard pruned every spring.

It rarely need pruning - other than to constrain its size or to rectify a bit of damage.

When to Prune Buddleia globosa.

Leave the pruning too late and you will not get flowers the following year. If it is grown as a screening shrub - and it is superb for this - then this particular Buddleia will not normally need pruning.

Simply cut back any flowered stems to a strong bud. This pruning can be just below the dead flower, or further back if you wish to re-shape the Buddleja

Buddleja globosa to be pruned after flowering in summerIt is also a good idea to cut back one in four of the older branches to as near as ground level as possible. This will ensure a good healthy supply of new growth at lower levels - eventually to form the framework of the shrub - small tree!

If size is a real problem, don't try to move it - it will not work. Instead, cut it back hard all over. But, it will regain its original size in a year or so. It will withstand annual pruning, but again, this should be done right after flowering.

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