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Plants in Flower and colour each month - Flowertime

Hardy Garden Plants throughout the Year with images and cultivation hints.

We all get stumped for ideas as to what to plant to give flower or garden colour in one particular month of the year, or perhaps see a plant in flower that we cannot name. This is the place to find the answers to plants that flower in a given month. Or at least have some respectable colour or interest with foliage or stems.

I know that this section - The Flowertime Project - will be good, because you dear visitor will have a hand in building it - or at least providing me with the bare essentials - the name (or description) of plants in flower in your garden as and when you see them. We can work together to build a worthwhile database of flowering plants throughout the year - month by month.

Together with your input, we are also seeking cooperation with one of the finest growers and suppliers of hardy garden plants in the UK - of whom, more later.

Herbaceous borderOnce completed, this section covering hardy plants that give colour - flower, stems or foliage on given dates will answer the most asked question for most gardeners. What to use to give colour throughout the year!

Your Help Needed!

If you can fill in any of the gaps, or add to the information already present, then please join with us. Pictures that you have taken on specific dates, would of course be useful - if not for publishing, then for means of accurate identification. Even if you have a different hardy plant showing interest for a date that is already filled, we would like to hear - and see! For there are many more that just one or two in flower or otherwise showing colour on given dates.

It will soon become apparent that it is will take rather more than twelve plants to give the much sought-after 'colourful plants in every month of the year'. (Unless you know better of course!)

We want this to be more than just a list of recommended plants. That could easily be accomplished by looking up the many lists that are readily available. What we think would be more of interest, is the links to the pages of information about those plants.

If you can help us - and we really hope so, then don't worry if you only know the common name and not the full botanical name. Most gardeners are in that situation - though wouldn't admit it of course!  Whichever, it would be good if you could let us have description of where it is growing, your county or state, and which part of your garden.

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The more information we get about flowering times and places, the more interesting and accurate the section will become. Looking back through my own photo library of around 15,000 images, I have been surprised at some of the 'finds' for some dates! It seems that given certain conditions, most plants will flower outside their generally accepted season. This project should confirm that as it 'ages'.

It is not just flowers that make the garden attractive, so any good foliage, stems, bark or whatever will be welcome. Basically what YOU find attractive and interesting. There are no preconditions. Your ideas are welcome as we wish to make this website all-inclusive - that means you!

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