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Garden Plants in Flower October - Shrubs, Perennials, Bulbs and Trees

Don't write October off as being the end of the gardening year. There is so much left to enjoy by way of flower interest and of course foliage as the autumn blaze gets underway.

Coloured stems of the Dogwoods and Willows will also be putting in an appearance - vying for for first place in the colour parade, against flowers and foliage. If the weather is good, October can be one of the most spectacular months in the garden as far as interest is concerned. Study what happens this month to let us know what is in flower or showing colour in your garden. Also take notes of what's happening in other gardens for your own interest and determine to do something towards making next October more interesting in your own garden!

Ornamental grasses, late flowering bulbs, the late perennials of which there are many, and of course the shrubs that either put on a late floral display, or decide to go into winter unclad, and have a last fling with colourful foliage before they do!

As always, we give you a taste of the month with a few teaser images of Octobers past!

Callicarpa bodineri ProfusionCeratostigma plumbaginoidesCyclamen hederifoliaAster frikartii MonchParthenocissusMiscanthus  sinensis Kaskade

We need to know about SHRUBS flowering in October   ... Such as

Acer | Berberis | Fothergilla | Rhus | Sorbus | Azalea | Liquidambar | Amelanchier | Ceratostigma | Cornus | Forsythia | Spiraea | Cotinus | Cotoneaster | Pyracantha | Salix | Betula | Prunus | Parthenocissus |

We need to know about PERENNIALS incl. BULBS flowering in October ... Such as ...

Aster | Rudbeckia | Crocosmia | Colchicum | Cyclamen | Nerine | Miscanthus | Carex | Festuca | Heuchera | Euphorbia | Salvia

Flowering plants, shrubs, perennials, trees and bulbs in the October Garden

1st Autumn Crocus - Colchicum





6th Yucca gloriosa Variegata



9th Sorbus hupehensis Obtusa


11th Sorbus cashmiriana

12th Aster lateriflorus Delight

13th Choisya ternata

14th Cotoneaster Coral Beauty

15th Cotinus obovatus (americanus)

16th Colletia hystrix Rosea

17th Tradescantia andersoniana group

18th Liriope muscari

19th Nerine bowdenii

20th Mahonia x media Lionel Fortescue

21st Callicarpa bodinerii Profusion


Pyracantha Orange Charmer  Pyracantha Orange/Golden Glow   Pyracantha Orange Glow - Golden Glow Pyracantha Orange Glow - Golden Glow

23rd Mahonia x media 'Charity'

24th Miscanthus - Dead or Alive

25th Azalea mollis - Foliage colour

26th Cotoneaster 'Cornubia'

27th Stipa gigantea (Golden Oat)




Hebe 'Great Orme'Hebe 'Great Orme'

Miscanthus sinensis 'Rotsilber'Miscanthus sinensis 'Rotsilber'

October in the Garden


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