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Garden Plants and Flowers Beginning with the letter 'C'

Flowers starting with C  includes - Shrubs; perennials; bulbs; annuals; herbs; trees; grasses, flowers. All members Plantae

  • Calamagrostis One of the ornamental grasses with good late summer and autumn flowers/seedheads.
  •  Calceolaria The Slipper flower or Pouch flower for indoor or outdoor use as a bedding plant.
  • Calendula - The English or Pot marigold. Unlike the French marigolds, it will regenerate itself for ever more by way of self-seeding.


  • Callicarpa - Spectacular purple seed clusters on deciduous shrub.

; Callisia; Callistemon; Callistephus; Calluna; Caltha;

  • Camasia - Great spiked flowers from bulbs that can be planted in meadow ot wild garden situation.
  • Camellia - Hardiest and most dependable of the winter flowering shrubs if you take a few precautions.

 crocus purple blue flower clusterCleome flower head
Mauve Crocus planted in lawn |  Cleome flowers.


  • Campsis - A right tear-away climber with bright orange trumpet flowers.
  • Canna - The Indian Shot plant - grows from bulbs and is summer flowering with impressive foliage.

 Capsicum; Cardamine;

  • Cardiocrinum - The giant lily - so spectacular - must have!
  • Carex - Wide range of ornamental grasses - sure to please for late summer and autumn display.

 Carpenteria; Carpinus; Carthamus; Caryopteris; Castanea; Catalpa; Catananche; Ceanothus; Cedrus; Celastrus; Celosia; Centaurea; Centranthus; Cephalaria; Cerastium; Ceratostigma; Cercidophyllum; Cercis; Cestrum; Chaenomeles; Chamaecyparis; Chimonanthus; Chionanthus;

  • Chionodoxa - Bulbs of the same family of the Hyacinths and Scillas. One variety has the purest blue you will find.
  • Chives - Beloved by Herb growers, but also worth planting at from of most borders for the flower show of small pompoms.
  • Choisya - Mexican Orange Blossom - but also with marvelous aromatic foliage when crushed!

 Chrysanthemum; Chusquea; Cimcifuga; Circium; Cissus; Cistus; Cladanthus; Cladrastis; Clarkia;

 Clerodendrum; Clethra; Clianthus; Cobaea;

  • Colchicum autumnale - Autumn flowering crocus - Not to be confused with Saffron which have edible flowers. Cochicum is dangerous if ingested.
  • Colletia - A very unusual shrub with no or little foliage as such, but masses of spikes and thorns. Intruder proofs do not come any better.

; Colutea;

  • Convallaria - Lily of the Valley - a good shade lover - damp or dry.

; Convolvulus; Coprosma; Cordyline; Coreopsis;


  • Cortaderia - The bloved - or hated - Pampas Grass.
  •  Corydalis - Unusual flowers with attractive foliage. The blue one is stunning.

 Corylopsis; Corylis; Cosmos;

  • Cotinus obovatus - americanus - Autumn floage colour is the draw, but the flowering period gives it the common name the the Smoke Bush.
  •  Cotoneaster Coral Beauty; Cotoneaster cornubia; Cotoneaster lacteus - Berries everywhere but also spectacular in  flowers. Tall, short, spreading or upright. One to cater for every taste.

 Crambe; Crataegus; Crinodendron; Crinum;

  • Crocosmia - May be better known as Montbretia by some, but normally listed as Crocosmia. Almost any colour available and good late flowering garden plants..
  •  Crocus - Needs little by way of introduction, but needs careful choices!

; Crosandra; Cryptomeria; Ctenanthe; Cuphea; Cupressus; Curcuma;

  • Cyclamen - Houseplants - Some can be grown for short time in window boxes but best as houseplant.
  • Cyclamen coum hybrids - Hardy Garden Cyclamen - Stunning if planted in drifts. Soon multiplies by re-seeding.

 Cydonia; Cynara; Cyperus; Cytisus:

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