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Gardenseeker Guide to Plant Problems - Pests, Diseases.

Guide to Plant Problems - Pests, Diseases

Information and Advice how to deal with Garden Problems, pests and diseases.

Plant Problems and Pests described with methods how to kill plant pests, deal with diseases and other plant problems, and more important, how to prevent plant problems. The most important thing is to be able to recognise if you have a plant pest, disease or other malfunction which is the source of the problem. Once you do that, you stand a better chance of dealing with it correctly instead of throwing the wrong chemicals at it!

When talking about garden and plant problems, it is important to firstly identify the source of the problem - whether plant pest, disease, deficiency or other matters such as problems with garden soils.

Positive identification of the garden problem is not always straightforward, for some symptoms - especially as shown up in the foliage - can be the result of either a pest, a disease, a nutritional deficiency or simply an environmental matter - such as planting in the wrong soil; lack of water or light; a draught or even localised pollution problem.

Identifying Problems, Pests, Diseases, Disorders

Greenfly on rose budsIdentifying Problems, Pests, Diseases, Disorders.

It is important to identify the actual cause of the problem and not be misguided by the effect. Such an instance is Tree Lichen which is seen as the problem, whereas it is the effect of a problem with its tree host!

General garden problems can be caused poor cultivation; human error; environmental damage; climatic changes or severe weather conditions; animal damage; pests on plants; pests in the soil; diseases in plants; diseases in the soil; general soil problems and wrong plant selection.

(That little list should make you realise that the correct identification of the problem in the garden is not easy! However, a methodical approach to isolating the problem by good recognition of the symptoms will help! The important thing to realize about garden problems, is that the correct identification of the symptoms will start you on the path to rectifying the problem, and also helping you understand the steps you can take to prevent most of them. Many problems are first noticed with some form of leaf damage. Unfortunately, many of the leaf symptoms are very similar in appearance.)

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Plant pests are normally things with legs - or at least move, whilst plant problems can either be a fungal disease, environmental or physical problem.

Diseases such as Fungi, do not move (visibly) whilst live insects do - even if only a few mm per hour as sometimes seems the case!

Plant Disease problems - which are not 'pests' - are sometimes a little difficult to recognise - but don't worry, we are here to help. Plant diseases include Blackspot on Roses but not Black fly, for that is a pest.

  • Mildew on Roses comes into the Disease category also - as it is a fungal disease!

Problem control is not always as bad as it seems. Just get to it early, and that will help. Better still, prevent the problems happening.

Sorbus with shot hole damage to leavesThere are many many more pests, diseases and general problems in many gardens. That's what makes gardening interesting. As with many things in general life, prevention is normally better than cure. But prevention is rarely thought about until the problem hits us! Where we feel there is a tried and tested method of 'prevention', we will give you the information that we are aware of, and we continue with research, trial and error to find these preventative methods.

If we can do a little bit towards prevention of problems - and that's all it usually needs (along with the knowledge of course) then it will make our gardening a lot more pleasurable. If you have any ideas of good preventative methods of cultivation, we are always pleased to hear them and pass them on to the rest of our visitors.

As can be seen in the image of the Sorbus, the problem does not always present itself on the surface, but tends to hide away! And let's face it, there are many hiding places for all manner of baddies in the average garden. So, we need to look for the signs of problems and deal with them as soon as possible, in order to prevent it spreading from the local source that is usually the case.

Most pests and diseases are dealt with with easy to use, and safe chemicals. Don't forget, that even 'organic' solutions are not always environmentally friendly! Use chemical in a responsible manner and you can be happy with your local environment. READ the labels, and if you do not understand, then drop us a mail and ask us. We will do all we can to help and reassure you.

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