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Wasp damage. a severe pest in Autumn, they feed on ripe fruit. 

How to Kill Wasps and wasp nests.

There are some beneficial wasps, and there are the others that maraud our ripe fruit, and insist on gate-crashing the afternoon tea on the lawn! We are more inclined to want ways of killing wasps than preserving them! 

Wasps are feeders on soft, ripe, fruit, and on most things sweet - cream buns, ice cream all manner of puddings etc!

They are not the easiest of creatures to control, and simply swatting about with a newspaper - other than when you have the wasp trapped on the window - is usually fraught with more problems for the wasp swatter than the wasp itself.

A dead waspThey actually do a little bit of good in the garden - feeding on aphids being one of their more desirable character traits. We rarely see this good side to them, especially if the wasp nest is nearby or even attached to your house in some manner - usually up under the leaves!

The most effective method of dealing with wasps, is by dealing with the nest. A chemical wasp-killer. BUT, do it at dusk, or get the local pest destruction team in to do it for you. If you decide to do it yourself, then wrap up and try to avoid any bare skin areas. The wasp-killer chemicals are usually in a puffer pack, so can be squirted a few metres into or on to the offending nest.

READ the container, and if in any doubt whatever, then get the local expert to do the job for you.


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