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Flea Beetles - How to Kill Flea Beetles. 

Flea Beetles are little black beetles that eat the leaves of Brassica plants - Cabbage, Cauliflower, Wallflowers, Stocks, Alyssum etc.

The jump - just like fleas - when they are disturbed, are normally black, but can also be brown and just visible, being a few millimetres long.

Different types of Flea Beetles attach a specific plant range. The most troublesome for the gardener, are the ones that enjoy the Brassica family!

Aubergines have their own brand of Flea Beetles, and the damage is often seen of the leaves of the Aubergine.

Typical damage by flea beetles, is the holing of leaves - sometimes as much as fifty percent of the leaf is destroyed and this will have a serious impact on the health of the plant. If it is a young plant, then it might well be killed by this damage, which first weakens the plant and also renders it liable to other pests and diseases.

The larvae of the Flea Beetles live just below the surface of the soil, and they attack small roots.

How to Kill or control

If the Flea Beetles are visible, then spray with Bifenthrin - a contact insecticide. Otherwise, spray with Provado, which is a systemic insecticide and will kill the beetles as they bite into the leaves.  


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