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Symphylans - Symphylids - Similar to small white centipedes in soil. 

ICloseup image of Symphylands grubdentification of the Symphylid is quite simple if needed. It is small, normally less than half inch - 1cm - with two long antennae, and twelve pairs of legs. Together with that, it is either white or cream in colour.

Symphylids - Garden Centipedes - eat organic matter, and this includes roots and tubers of plants. Smaller plants can be killed by this destruction.

Symphylids should not be confused with the ordinary Garden Centipede, which is normally orange, and moves quite quickly if disturbed. (It need to be able to move fast, for it lives on insects.

 Together with this, the friendly centipede has two claws - rather than long antennae ) The Symphylid is a vegetarian, and does not need to move fast to search for food.

Control and Treatment

There is no known chemical spray or other control suited to amateur use. Good cultivation methods are the normal barriers to a build up of Symphylids in the soil.



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