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Swift Moth Caterpillar - Goes backwards when frightened! 

The caterpillar of the Swift Moth lives underground, and feeds on anything it can find there - roots, stems, tubers, bulbs, corms etc.

White caterpillar with brown head, short stumpy front legs. Has a habit of recoiling backwards if disturbed.

The adult swift moth - chunky looking brown moth with white marks on wings, which can be found in May to july, is said not to be able to feed, and therefore only has a lifespan of a few weeks.

The larvae makes up for it and has a voracious appetite on all roots and tubers etc.

The larvae pupates underground- and can live as such for around two years. The adult Swift Moth as has been stated having a life span of just a few weeks.

No chemical treatment available that works, so normal cultivation methods of digging and hoeing - together with keeping areas weed free will confine the grubs to acceptable levels.

The adult moth - being unable to feed - is not a known pest of any plant!


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