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Woodlice cause damage to young plant leaves during night. 

Woodlice hidden away in the crevice of rough bark during the day time.Most people know what a woodlice looks like, but not many are aware of the damage that they actually cause - especially at night when they roam and eat young leaves of tender plants. Woodlice also feed on old decaying matter and general garden debris, which is where they are normally found during the daylight hours.

Typically Woodlice either scurry away with their multitude of legs, or curl up in a tight ball - hoping that it will deter any predator!

Woodlice are happy living in greenhouse conditions, where they can wander amongst young tender seedlings at will during the night and either eat foliage or nibble at stems - often causing the collapse of the plant.

They prefer dry conditions rather than damp, and are often to be found in loose leaf little rather than the damper compost heap. Old tree stumps are also a favourite hiding place.

They can be controlled - killed - with applications of Bendiocarb, Permethrin or standard creepy-crawly insect sprays/dusts such as are normally sold for ants etc. (Technically the woodlice is not an insect, but a crustacean.)

As well as being garden pests, woodlice can find their way into the home, and be an unwelcome visitor, though rarely doing any damage.


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