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Water Lily Beetle - Holes and Damage of Water Lily Leaves 

The leaf damage caused by the water Lily beetle is quite obvious and also the main pest problem of Water lilies - Nymphaea.

The beetles and larvae are active in the late spring and summer months - busy chewing holes and furrows out of the Nymphaea  Water Lily foliage.

Nymphaea Pink sensation. Free from the leaf damaging effects of the Water lily Beetle.

Because there are often fish present with the water lilies, it is difficult to effect a chemical control. The normal method of control is to simply wash the beetles and larvae off the foliage and flowers with a strong jet of water from a hose.

If there are fish present, then they will prove to be a good feed! Another option with smaller ponds, is to weight the affected leaves down under water for a day. This normally dispenses with the beetles and larvae - fish or no fish.

Nymphaea Pink Sensation - totally free of the Water Lily Beetle which can easily damage foliage and flowers alike.The adult beetle - light brown and up to 1cm long - can normally be seen during the summer months. It lays its eggs on the water lily pads during early summer, and then again in late summer early autumn. The emerging grubs - larvae - of the water Lily Beetle are black and up to 1cm long and can easily be seen feeding on the leaves in the summer months.

The damage can be enough for the whole leaf to disintegrate eventually, leading to a general weakening of the plant.





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